Haus Wien
September 21 — 27, 2020


Haus is a new, communally organized, annual exhibition format for the city of Vienna.

Drawing inspiration from the model of a commercial art fair, Haus aims to bring together a small multitude of artistic initiatives and approaches under one roof. By creating a non-commercial and low-threshold mediation platform, Haus sets out to promote contemporary artistic production and community in a form that is both free and open to the public. We believe there is a blank space between the art market, institutional academic advances and independent culture production which we want to fill, proposing a unified approach defying clear categorization.

We do not believe the consequences of the current crisis are negligible, and want to acknowledge and respect the uncertainty of the situation. However, we like to stay hopeful.
It is important to have things to look forward to, even in times of crisis. We therefore decided to keep working on the realization of the project and conceive Haus 2020 as a trial run, in which we are prepared to flexibly respond to the circumstances.


Bruno Mokross
Edin Zenun
Fanny Hauser
Holly Riding
Irina Strauss
Johanna Thorell
Julius Pristauz
Marie-Claire Gagnon


Aziza Harmel
Francis Ruyter
Kimberly Bradley


JP Immobilien

Thank you

Angewandte Innovation Lab
Aurianne Chevandier
Bastian Allgeier / Kirby CMS
Christian Siekmeier
Cédric Fauq
Dagmar Steyrer & Natascha Boojar
Francis Ruyter
Grayson Ruple
Jacqueline Neubauer
Jean-Michel & Sigi Gagnon
Laurids Oder
Lisa Jäger
Luna Mican
Maria Arlamovsky
Marie-Louise Häfner
Marlene Engel
Mia Frick
Miriam Esther Meyer
Natalie Ananda Assmann
Nicole Mayer
Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion
Nima Heschmat
Olga Antonenko
Paula Thomaka
Simon Rees
Therese Kaiser
VBKÖ - Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs
Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

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